The Vieux Mouleyre château dates back to 18th century, at the time of the famous Marshall Duke of Richelieu and Fronsac.

Anna and Jacques Favier fell in love with this miniature paradise, with its scenery of hillocks, hollows, hills and escarpments.

The estate is ideally situated on the La Mouleyre hillock, very close to the ‘Trois Croix’ and not far from ‘Carolus’.
The clay-limestone plateau, the highest in Fronsac (80m), consists mainly of limestone interspersed with starfish fossils and rocky outcrops and a sub-soil containing Fronsadais molasses.

The entire estate, which contains some vines that are more than thirty years old, covers two and a half hectares and is gradually being given over entirely to vines.
Planting is virtually all merlot grapes (95%), with a few rows of cabernet-franc.

Château Vieux Mouleyre - 33126 Fronsac (France)
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